We just launched The Heart Way Method Training January 2020

On the third weekend of every other month this year, soul seekers are gathering at the beautifully appointed HART Center campus in MidTown Memphis for exploring their consciousness and learning unique ways in which to activate their inner healer / teacher.

The Heart WayTM, Year 1, took place over three days in January with twelve participants took the plunge into Event 1: PermissionTM.

We learned about The 8 Chakra SystemTM, explored Conscious Movement and other transformational processes during which profound release and awarenesses occurred in ways pertinent to each participant. We came to understand that it is safe and necessary to give ourselves permission to feel, heal, express, be heard and lovingly held and appreciated for who we really are.

We also got a taste of what it means to live within conscious community, sharing living space at innerquest and preparing and enjoying meals together. The group remained cohesive within the sacred container that was meticulously prepared by program leader and creator, Jane Abraham, and her staff for the duration of the program.

Here is what one participant had to say:

“This was not my first experience doing the deeper work.  However, this was the 1st time I felt more included because I stepped up more. I paid more attention to others and what was happening.  The sense of togetherness was overwhelming and truly touched my heart.  I’ve never been in a situation where so many came together for each other. It was amazing indescribably being with a group of people that are willing to bear their souls as you bear yours. You have to experience it!” – R.J.

Come and join us this year as we expand our 2020 vision for ourselves.  Check out the our Events Page for dates and details.