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Heart Way™ Events

The Heart Way provides a systematic approach to healing and transformation by helping you become free from attachments and addictive patterns.
These experiences assist folks in activating the “inner healer / teacher” as you go clear.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate the ability to meet together in person due to COVID19.  Please stay in touch as we plan online events.

The state of Tennessee has extended social distancing until further notice for Corona-virus.  The Heart Way Training™ has been indefinitely put on hold.  Continuity of the process is essential for experiential work.  Stay tuned for the upcoming dates.

The Heart Way™ Event I

The Heart Way™ Event II
POSTPONED until 2021

The Heart Way™ Event III
POSTPONED until 2021

Other Events

Conversations with Doc Jane May 2nd has passed.
We’ll be sharing more Conversations with Doc Jane in the near future.