Rev. Dr. Jane Abraham


Dr. Abraham is the Founder and Executive Director of The Healing Arts Research Training Center (The HART Center) in MidTown Memphis, TN. She received her Doctorate of Theology from the New Mexico Theological Seminary, her MSSW from the University of Tennessee, and her BPS undergraduate degree from the University of Memphis University College. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselor with 35 years of experience specializing in trauma and recovery from all forms of attachment disorders. She has 30 years of experience training professionals and laypersons and is a member of the National Training Academy for NAADAC.

Doc Jane’s personal recovery led her to discover techniques that would provide a more meaningful recovery.

From her personal recovery, Dr. Abraham discovered, at five years clean, sober, and smober that 12 Step Recovery, although essential, was able to carry her only so far, which left her feeling empty inside. Thus, began her search for different techniques that could help her step into a deeper, more meaningful recovery. She found many techniques that helped her find her way and she trained and certified in those methods of healing. With those experiential methods and 17 techniques that she developed, Dr. Abraham created The Heart Way to help others focus on the intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of their human experiences. The Heart Way guides us toward attaining and maintaining balance with meaning and purpose while consciously manifesting destiny.

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