The Heart Way™ Certification is a commitment that an individual will begin by becoming conscious of and clearing personal issues. We are convinced by our own experiences that breath, movement, vocalization, vibration, art and processing are integral components of exploring and healing our human psyche. You will learn to hold the sacred container for yourself and others who choose to do their work to awaken as a SupraConscious Being©.

Come be with us and dive deeply into your history to discover that which wants to be healed. Uncover the secrets of your past that have kept you locked into old thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve you. Discover that when you are triggered you are in a reactive state that is viewed through your personal Lens. This creates a portal through which you may walk as a SupraConscious Being©. It is then that you begin to see through a Prism that reveals myriad choices regarding your thinking and behavior. Immerse yourself into the work that will allow you to recover from your personal pain and stand in the moment making conscious decisions about how you want to move forward as a Mirror reflecting to the World who you are and how you fit into the dualistic system of Earth. where you live in harmony with meaning and purpose.

The multidisciplinary team offers unique activities for personal growth and transformation. We provide counseling, energy work, drumming, and deeper processes such as psychodrama and heart work to help people go inward utilizing breath, music, and movement. Along with creative art expression we help activate the inner healer / teacher.

Doc Jane and The Heart Way Team have trained and certified with Master Teachers all over the world to bring to you what they have learned. Along with these integrated systems, they have, so far, co-created fifteen techniques that will further help you find your way to Meaning and Purpose through learning and becoming certified in The Heart Way©™.

The Healing Arts Research Training Center, LLC, The HART Center, is a facility dedicated to helping people find meaning and purpose in their lives.

The seventeen techniques we teach are unique to The Heart Way©™. They have been developed over a period of 35 years. They are new ways of looking at the intellectual emotional spiritual physical connection to healing at a very deep level to uncover, discover, and recover the fragmented parts of self that were lost along the way to this very moment.

The Healing Arts Research Training Center, LLC, The HART Center, is a locally owned small business (LOSB)  and a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) in Memphis, Tennessee working to create an environment of collaboration. The HART Center commits to provide a safe setting and quality care to those who seek to move into a wellness based lifestyle so they may find intellectual emotional spiritual physical balance with love for the greatest benefit to All.